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ID & Credit Card Policy

Why We Need Your Identification

To complete a booking we need to verify a client’s identity. Once we deliver and set up the products, the products are now in the care of the client, if anything were to go missing or be damaged it is the client’s responsibility to reimburse us, so we need to verify the identity of the client and their address in case they are unreachable by phone or email after the event.

We realize many forms of ID list personal details that a client may not be comfortable with sharing which is a reasonable concern and this is why we encourage the client to black out any information that we do not require. We need to be able to see picture, name, address and expiry date of the card, all other information can and should be blacked out for your privacy.

Many people choose to send a copy via email, a copy can also be mailed in or dropped off in person whichever method the client is most comfortable with.

Why We Need Your Credit Card Number

To complete a booking we need to have a credit card number including the 3 digit pin on the back of the card on file for a client. A refundable damage deposit of $200 is required to book rental items. A hold in the amount of $200 will be placed on the credit card on file 3 days before the “event date”. The deposit/hold will be returned to the client within 4 days after the “event date”, once rented items are inventoried and inspected for damage.

The products that we are leaving in care of the client we expect that when we return to pick them up they are 1. Not Missing, 2. Not Damaged. On occasion, they are missing or damaged and we will need to be reimbursed for those costs which will be billed to the credit card.

For privacy concerns, you can provide this via telephone, a copy can also be mailed in or dropped off in person whichever method the client is most comfortable with.

We cannot complete a booking without having Identification and Credit Card Number on file.

Any industries that allow clients/customers to utilize/borrow/rent their products will require the client to show their identification to confirm identity and will also require a credit card to be on file in the event that the product is not returned or is returned in a damaged state.

  • Hotels
  • Car rentals
  • Tool rentals