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Vintage Decor

Vintage wedding décor done well can make a lasting, memorable impact on guests. There are many different ways to incorporate a vintage look into your wedding event including in gowns, the wedding cake, the venue, the florals and of course with décor.

Taking inspiration from the classic, vintage wedding look can bring to life the fantasy that so many brides and grooms have always dreamt of and can give each wedding guest the kind of wedding experience that they will surely enjoy.

Many couples choose a quirky, eclectic vintage look with additional inspiration from the rustic, alternative, and the modern. If you are looking for some vintage inspiration, we have a number of options that might appeal to you including gold candelabras, bud vases, the silver desiray compote and specialty linens. Putting together vintage wedding décor pieces is as much about aesthetic as it is about featuring personal touches, thoughts, and inspirations that represent the bride and groom. Vintage décor has the ability to be simple and accommodating in a minimalist style or one can choose a design a little more complex. No matter how you wish to approach your vintage décor, there are several sweet and pretty design and décor ideas to consider, making this theme particularly unique.

Elements such as a gold candelabra will create an elegant, almost royal look for your special day, and the attention to detail paid in choosing and modifying elements such as bud vases and silvery desiray compote, among other vintage décor, will no doubt get across that elegant vintage look you want.

Gold Candelabras

Silver Desiray Compote

Glass Candle Holder

Bud Vases

Vintage Table

Gold Candle Stick