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Candle holders provide an uncomplicated way to display the romance of the day and can help to establish the ambiance for your wedding ceremony and reception. If the venue or time of day is dimly lit, the right candles can metamorphose any space into a relaxing environment that aligns with the atmosphere you wish to convey to your guests.

The variety of options available enables you to design an elegant table setting with candle holders of varying heights and unique styles. These can be used to demarcate your ceremony aisle, especially for an indoor wedding or an outdoor evening ceremony. If you appreciate tall centerpieces or striking decorations, wedding decor candle holders are the ideal choice for you. When combined with the suitable floral arrangements and decor selections, they can illuminate a room and are certain to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The available choices for wedding decor candle holders include the gold crystal votive holder, the modern heightened glass stemmed tea light holder, the opulent silver crystal votive holder, the gold mercury votive holder, and the silver pillar candle holders. The decision for the right candle holder aligns primarily with your chosen wedding theme and colors. Each of the options showcased here make for exquisite pieces and can contribute to a dramatic, welcoming appearance when mixed and dispersed amongst other wedding decor options. Illuminate your space, allowing the candle holders to cast a gentle glow over your wedding and enhancing the photography of your event.

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