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Choosing the correct ceremony decor, regardless of your wedding venue type, can significantly influence the atmosphere of your event. It adds necessary highlights, directs attention, and plays a vital role in making your wedding unforgettable to guests. We realize that couples may not always have the flexibility to completely remodel a space. Hence, the judicious selection and blending of ceremony decor with the existing decorations, shapes, and lighting of the venue are crucial.

Ceremony decor can range widely in style, from minimalist arbour draping to uniquely designed ceremony backdrops, pew draping for church ceremonies, aisle draping for non-church events, circular or square ceremony canopies, standalone shepherd hooks to line the aisle indoors or outdoors with flowers or other decor, candles for aisle decoration, and rustic wine barrels and lanterns.

The choice among these options largely depends on the overall wedding decor you’ve planned for your event. Remember, less is often more when it comes to wedding ceremony decor, creating a more color-effective and dramatic setting. Sometimes, decor elements can be repurposed from your ceremony location to your reception setup. In choosing your wedding decor, it’s best to understand the venue’s restrictions, use your budget as a guide, and discuss all your ideas and priorities thoroughly with your wedding decor specialist.

Keep in mind that the ceremony’s focus will be on you and the rest of the wedding party at the altar. Therefore, prioritizing this area for decor can never go wrong. Many couples have successfully chosen and adapted various pieces of ceremony decor to enhance their ceremony’s memorable charm.

Black Iron Garden Arch

Aisle Draping

Arbour Draping

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Crystal Ceremony Backdrop

Pew Draping

Round Ceremony Canopy

Shepherd Hooks – Black – Free Standing

Wine Barrels

Wooden Ceremony Arbour

Signing Table

White Pillars