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Chair Covers

Chair Covers Rental

Enhance the elegance of your wedding or special event by introducing our chair cover rentals for additional decor. Select from our array of nine chair cover designs.  For years, KM Wedding Decor & Flowers has consistently delivered exquisite events with unmatched professionalism. Whether it’s a wedding or family celebration or corporate gathering, allow us to weave the ideal atmosphere for your event. Elevate your guests’ experience with our inspired chair cover designs, blending comfort with a sense of exclusivity. Attain a seamless mix of creativity and timeless glamour that complements your event perfectly. Browse through our diverse range of chair cover rentals below to glimpse into our offerings.

Banquet Chair Cover – White

Banquet Chair Cover – Ivory

Banquet Chair Cover – Black

Ruched Chair Cover – White

Ruched Chair Cover – Ivory

Ruched Chair Cover – Black

Satin Chair Cover – White

Satin Chair Cover – Ivory

Satin Chair Cover – Black