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Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs Rental

Our Chiavari chairs are available in 5 different colour options – Black, Gold, Crystal, Silver, and White.  Our selection of high quality Chiavari Chair rentals can be used to decorate your wedding or any special event. Pair your Chiavari Chair with any cushion from our impressive collection to bring a touch of refined grace to your event. At KM Wedding Decor & Flowers, quality, sophistication, and style are integral to our decor approach, hence our choice to incorporate Chiavari Chairs for that undeniable touch of luxury. Let your guests revel in a perfectly curated setting of elegance and glamour, creating a lasting impression that they can enjoy from the comfort of a beautiful Chiavari Chair.

Chiavari Chair – Mohagany

Chiavari Chair – Gold

Chiavari Chair – Crystal

Chiavari Chair – Silver

Chiavari Chair – White