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Head Table/Backdrop Embellishments

Head Table/Backdrop Embellishments Rental

Selecting the appropriate embellishments for the head table and backdrop is crucial for any wedding decor arrangement. The extensive variety of brooches we offer can complement any theme, be it rustic, vintage, or glamorous, among others. If you wish to introduce something distinctive and unique, it’s entirely possible to adorn the head table and backdrop in a way that reflects your creativity.

Crafting a beautiful atmosphere at your wedding becomes effortless when you pair your event with the right head table and backdrop adornments. If you’ve already chosen a venue and decided on a color scheme, determining the location of your head table and contemplating potential designs for its backdrop can be the initial step in refining the details of your wedding decor.

Ivory Brooch

Pearl Brooch

Silver Crystal Backdrop Accent

Silver Crystal Brooch