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Money Boxes

Money Boxes Rental

Money boxes, often known as card boxes, serve as a convenient way for couples to collect cards from their guests. These elements can subtly complement any wedding decor scheme, while also offering practical value to the newlyweds.

Over recent years, birdcages have increasingly replaced traditional money boxes, serving as charming and sentimental alternatives. Many couples opt to use these decorative birdcages as centerpieces and additional adornments. Choices available for the bride and groom include the ivory birdcage, gold birdcage, the minimalist white birdcage, or unique silver, white or gold gifts, as well as lanterns. Each of these items has been utilized in wedding celebrations and offers an excellent opportunity to express creativity and add personal touches to the wedding decor.

In addition to the options here, you can further customize these items by adding ribbons, candles, floral accents, signs, and other decor enhancements. This is a fantastic way to inject fun and creativity into these items, making them unique to you. If you’re considering incorporating a money box into your wedding setup, any of the options presented here provide an easy, stress-free way to do so.

Silver Crystal

Gold Gift Box

Gold Bird Cage

Large Lantern

Ivory Bird Cage

White Bird Cage

Silver Gift

Gold Lantern

Acrylic Box